1. gleebi:

    "I can see your bra" "good, I paid sixty fucking dollars for it"


  2. gleebi:

    today i name-dropped to get into an exclusive reception thing. i’m growin up

    It’s true! It was kinda super badass.

  3. Playing bass for Vox Vocis back in January.

    Check us out at www.voxvocis.bandcamp.com


  4. So my SO is just about the coolest fuckin person ever.

    We played Pokemon together yesterday and she gave me a perfect EEVEE so I could make the ultimate Jolteon and FUCK YEAH JOLTEON and then I traded her ghastly and made her a Gengar so we both jammed out with our awesome Pokemon and then made out and had a good time and stuff!

  5. lacanzonetta:

    Hair inspired by elven princes and princesses everywhere

    Cute. As. Heck.

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  6. lacanzonetta:


    Cute. As. Heeeeeeeeeck

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  8. radio-bye-bye-beautiful:

    I like Coheed and Cambria

    I’ve recently added the European orange press of Ascension, now I’m just missing the blue press of Descension and I’m good to go.


  9. lacanzonetta:

    alejandro’s friend’s former spouse is going through her emo/scene/white person pretending to be ‘gangster’ because it’s ironic or something phase right now but she’s in her mid-twenties and has a child and it’s embarrassing for everybody involved

    So much truth

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  10. Happy Mother’s Day to my moooooooom

  11. My homemade pedal board. Now I just need to add an envelope filter and I’m set.

  12. thejameschamp:

    This is definitely one of my new favorite albums. Enemies - Embark, Embrace #vinyl #enemies

    Oi I just got this record in the mail! Can’t wait to give it a spin.

  14. Stolas finally released their debut album “Living Creatures” on vinyl and they sent a signed poster with every record! Only 250 pressed.

  15. Rush 40th Anniversary Box Set HECK YES